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Immortal Longings

Author Erin Eldridge proudly shares a novel entitled Immortal Longings, which was conceived as a gentle love story.

This compelling tale tells the story of John Ryan, a talented young detective with the Seattle Police who is searching for his soul mate and finds her in the only daughter of one of Seattle’s richest families. Almost immediately, their love for each other confronts challenges that test them sorely.

Circumstances change and so do people. Will their love and trust in one another be strong enough to enable them to face the unexpected obstacles life throws their way?


Ravening Heart Of The Wolf

A brutal medieval warlord believes his lost true love has returned to him from the grave. A young girl is uprooted from the sheltered life that is all she has known and must learn to survive in a violent and pitiless world where man is wolf to man. A valiant young warrior loses his heart to her, but the unforeseen tears them apart. Fate conspires to throw all three into each other’s path with shattering results. A colourful cast of minor characters helps to create a stunning, stained-glass-montage of an adventure that will enthral readers young, old, and in-between.

The Ivan

Berlin, April 1945. A terrified young German woman huddles in a cellar as the final battle for the city rages overhead, bracing herself for the arrival of the rampaging Red Army. Her husband, missing in France since D-Day, is not there to shield her from the coming hell that WWII’s endgame brings, as triumphant Soviet soldiers make German women the targets of their vengeance.
An unlikely saviour arrives in the form of a young Soviet officer who takes her under his wing and with whom she begins a torrid affair. But what are his motives for seeking her out and protecting her? What will she do if her husband returns? Can she love two men simultaneously, or will she have to choose? This story will grip you from the first page, make you laugh, make you cry, and remain with you.